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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
We give not quite a billion a year in foreign aid to Mexico.

Sometimes walls are not totally effective but still a strong detterent

Israel build a southern border fence and it's stoppled all but a handful from that direction.

if it stopped 90%, or as few as 50% I would be happy.

Israel did much more than build a wall. They have a military blockade on Gaza. The two sides are still essentially at war. I donít think the analogy works here.

Iím not sure what business youíre in, but my business seemingly would be one of the ones most affected by illegal Mexican and South American immigration. But I make a great deal of money fixing poor craftsmanship by people who outbid me in the beginning. Not to say that illegal immigrants are all poor craftsmen. Iíve met many who are exceptional at their trades. But most of them have no formal training, and are used by unscrupulous contractors trying to capitalize one cheap labor.

The idea that government assistance paid to illegal aliens is affecting our financial bottom line is just wrong. That money is a drop in a swimming pool. Even the billion in aid is peanuts. It basically buys off crooked politicians, officials, and businessmen when we need them.

I donít think Trump ever really intended or intends to actually build a wall. Itís a preposterous idea. And while I think heís not very smart, heís not an idiot. Itís part of his political strategy. He knows even republicans donít like the idea, and if theyíre forced to include it in a deal (for political reasons) they will probably never allocate the money. And I think Trump knows that.

I have a feeling heíll be re-elected, though. He runs a hell of a campaign, and as much as CNN would like it too, nothing sticks to him.

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