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Default 7:00 AM Fog

Black leather
half forearm length silver zipper
cuff tightener

White Hyperloop picture
t shirt

Gray from wash faded black Levi's

50s style
gray streaked temples
James Dean/Ronald Reagan

14 years from new
rust holed peeling paint camper shell
topping bed
Pick Up truck

Sittin' in an empty asphalt parking lot
Morning traffic whizzin' by on side street

People got places they gotta be
None of them here

Me - I gotta be where I am

Every place

Thinkin' I need to be something else
Some place else

That's a mass confusion norm I
can't be part of

However - my morning cup of tea
is petitioning for a reappearance

Okay, o.k. - almost 8:00 and just around the
corner, at my job, is a bathroom that turns
on its light when I walk in

Sure is an improvement from waterin' bushes and keepin' a sharp eye out for mosquitoes

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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