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Default The rewriting process - has this happend to you?

I have benen asked to rewriting My story by a big publicist. Got their chritisism and I agree to almost everything. I have shaped My story for three months and now I have begun to write. Heres the problem:

Do you know the "schwung" you get when you are writing. That feeling in your stomach that tells you that this is great stuff. I really like the story and have rewriwtten the 15 first chapters twice to trim and shape it up (as you know the story dosent always shape out as you thought when writing synopsis or outlining chapter by chapter in Excel).

So i am satisfied. The story is running along just fine. My girlfriend is on the edge while i am Reading it to her. But me, I dont get the "schwung " as i did when i wrote the first draft (which Also was outlined in detail). This draft is more compact and thrilling (its Dan Brownish peace of work) but the "schwung" seems to come more selldom and its not so intenced.

Is this bad thing? I have an idea that this is because its more of work now when I worked the story for two yrats and it is rewrite. IT differs but still same theme. I dont think the story is bad. I think this draft is beter. Has this ever happend to you in the rewriting process? IT is My first time.

Sorry for misspelling. Its mix up between being swedish and autocorrect on swedish on My iPad.

Greetings fr.o.m. Niklas in Sweden

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