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Originally Posted by BluebellCharm View Post
So, I have my own experiences of addiction however for research purposes I could do with a varied opinion. So my question is if you have ever had any kind of addiction, did you give up your addiction and if so, how? Or if not how does it affect your life and loved ones?
So this is a late reply but I think addiction is a really interesting topic. I have never had any hard drug addictions but I smoked cigarettes for 6 years and used to drink fairly heavily (blackout drunk 4 nights/week). I've always been fascinated by drug use though, in terms of how different chemicals alter perception in different ways. At the end of my first year of grad school I was only sleeping 2-3 hours per night and hallucinated constantly. I was hospitalized for "sleep-deprived psychosis" and given a large dose of antipsychotics intravenously. I thought at the time it was acid and I was taking part in a social experiment, which was cool until they stole my childhood memories.

Around that time I had a friend who was an ex-heroin user who told me he quit cold-turkey when his wife committed suicide 7 years prior. He explained that injecting a drug is the most immediate and efficient high, followed by snorting and then oral consumption (I snorted morphine once in high school, which resulted in a nasty drip, and is why I never snorted anything ever again).

So back to the IV antipsychotic, up until the injection I had a constant screaming in my head that stopped almost immediately. I was able to breathe fully for the first time in a long time. that was 5 years ago and I have a lingering fear I now have have an IV drug addiction though I've never injected any other hard drug (or had someone do it for me). I'm told that's just "irrational fear" and "paranoia."

So, again, I apologize for the late reply as well as my random babble. I have a flash fiction piece I wrote about my experience you may (though I do not know anything about you) find interesting. Additionally, I typed this ridiculously long response on an iPad kind of late (for me) in the day, so I apologize for grammatical and technological (autocorrect, etc) mistakes I have made. When I get to a real computer I will find a way to share my flash fiction piece.
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