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Originally Posted by spshane View Post
My comments fall in line with Chris Spinners comments on a closed thread.
The writers and the readers here are phenomenal; it's the platform itself that's broken. And no one seems to give a shit about fixing it.

I'm reluctant to make new posts. Once they're up, the OP seems to have little to no control over them. I can edit them and even delete the content, but the thread stays up. Understand that when I delete a thread it's not because my feelings are hurt. It's usually because I'm ready to take all the valuable feedback and move along to the next step (finding a publisher).

It's difficult to find a publisher when your piece comes up under plagiarism checks. While I can explain to a publisher that I'm the OP here, it's a conversation I'd rather not have. I know about the Members Only forum now, but the OP should still be able to delete his own threads.
Also - if you read Chin Spinners (numerous) threads about the function of this forum, you would realize that it's out of my/our hands.
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