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Originally Posted by Cityboy View Post
I hated rainbows. I had bad experiences with rainbows. Well, actually it was just one bad experience, but seeing how my best friend died because of it, it was just awful.

Not too crazy about the above lines. You're just filling in the blanks with unnecessary words and leading your readers around by their noses.

Just say what you're supposed to:

I hated rainbows because I had a bad experience with one.

The rest of the words (in original are merely "fillers"). I noticed the best writers use words as though they are paying for each one. They extract the most from every single word they put on paper.

Sometimes taxi drivers take tourists the longer route to gin up the meter. When you put meaningless words on a page you are doing the same thing to your readers. Take them straight to the destination! Nobody wants to be taken for a ride. Otherwise you'll only have amateurs (tourists) reading your stuff.
Sometimes writing the scenic route is a beneficial endeavor.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
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