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Originally Posted by chippedmonk View Post
hi picklebottom. i think prophecy and fatalism are similar in that once the initial conditions have been set the rest unfolds according to what's been prophecised or decided. whatever you do, you end up fulfilling the prophecy. you end up meeting your fate.

ps. big fan of yours by the way.
Thanks, I've never had a fan before!

Yes, and even though I now have a fat head, I agree with you, self-fulfilling prophecies, and determinism is interesting. The common one is a child who ends up exactly how their parents turned out, after swearing they will never turn out like them.

Even in light of quantum theory and chaos theory we are still operating at a somewhat Newtonian physics level (which makes sense due to our scale and time frames, and similarly Newtonian inventions based on Newtonian physics have not broken down), and this may be the reason why most of our daily lives are somewhat predictable and deterministic.
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