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I have a friend who consults with a psychic for predictions. She's done this for years.

I have told her gently that the predictions aren't really accurate - she allows them to influence her decisions so she directs herself towards their fulfilment.

I drop a newspaper and milk in to an elderly neighbour in the morning - and sometimes stay for a quick cuppa. She snorts and chuckles over her horoscope - a prediction of "a good night for romance" doesn't mean much when you're 85 years old.

I have recollections of my mother having solemn reverence for 'Old Moore's Almanack' years ago. Is it still in existence?

Not really the sort of prophecy you were after Pickle - but I think it's all phooey.

If you have a sound understanding of human nature you can make pretty educated guesses about what the heck happens next.

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