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Default Prophecies vs Fatalism

There is a poster, a real one, who recently joined Writersbeat and is having trouble formulating a prophecy, check it out in the Fiction section if you have any ideas.

I was going to lend the person a hand but than realised I was too sidetracked and distracted by the idea of prophecies that I started on a rant on fatalism, and subsequently deleted as it could not be used by the author to improve their prophecy, nor did it relate in any way with their story or issue.

But I have seen cases of "fatalism", for example, in kids who were so pissed with their parents that they wanted to be nothing like them, yet all the choices they made with their lives made them more and more like their parents, even to the case where their own kids hated them just as much.

I do not have any specific q's on this topic or a particular reading list, just write down anything that comes to mind. I can also go upstairs to the echelons of the writing forum to notify the poster that there will be a large, probably 3-4 post philosophical discussion on prophecies and fatalism in the dark, spider-infested basement of The 'Beat. Have at it!

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