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and flea was left drifting in and out of focus as anna babbled quietly along in the back of his mind then ... ‘see I’d been getting advice on the very nature of things a little like you, but completely incomparable, I know. It was a life audit so to speak and he was most eloquent in the appraisal of her undoing, he was professional, knowledgeable, slick, composed’ - but what had struck her harder than the telling of brutal truths was his subsequent unraveling ‘I mean I responded to his evaluation with more a look and a few utterances probably incoherent, that feeling when life implodes in your ears with a whoosh and the reality you walked in with is snatched away like a cheap gingham tablecloth over veneer and one becomes a wobbling condiment trying to regain composure ... he retorted ridiculously for one in a professional capacity, he blurted it out - ‘don’t shoot the messenger!’ and that’s when I knew the predicament was all well, disastrous in the absolute ...’ she though for awhile then whispered ‘so you see - you’re actually managing very well babe - hang in there ...’ before retreating.

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