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anna had taken her car to the garage, it kept cutting out, stalling and when pulling out across the path of fast moving on coming traffic a few weeks back the predicament had left a chill in her bones ... ‘you think of those you love - then, they hold your thoughts in that moment babe, the good guys, you don’t think of the bad stuff - that’s the thing’ ... and the car was a mess - and the garage dudes were all so good natured. Men then - such innocent banter to be had, what would they think of the state of her drive. Jimi Hendrix left jamming from that open road so maybe they’ll overlook the shambles and fix it right - make her smile - yes they love to do that really - menfolk - to see you speed off into the sunset happy ...’ anna felt uncomfortable somehow ‘... can’t quite rid myself of the concern that all this women-empowerment thing might quash the innocent fun and games one mutually enjoys with all of life’s way-good-enough-natured side of guys then, shrugs.

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