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("...well, anyone can post here, it's not my thread, nor blog for that matter, no it's just somewhere where one can edit one's posts into something a little more "oneself to one's pen" I guess..." related the goblin in encouragement appreciating the posts of others now)

repost form elsewhere, the goblin in agreement

The disease can make the victim spiteful
"...yes I imagine that will be outcome here too, as eventually her cancer will break her spirit emotionally and then the blame will be mine I guess..." concluded the goblin in a "been here before" sort of shrug while adding "...simply, she overworked herself in a profession that she wanted to excel in, she did excel and admittedly I supported her to the hilt, and yes I wanted whatever she wanted too, we all did, where if it's a choice between one's dream or one's life then what else is there but to follow that dream at the cost of one's life, I mean what's a life without a dream within it...", in fact, the goblin thought aloud what the old man couldn't express nor dared not show outwardly, as he suspected that he'd have to go through all that abuse that he had once before endured while tending his mother drowning in dementia, then adding "...well now, ours is to witness with that pain there to open our eyes, for whatever happens through one's life, isn't it the case that if one just looks away without reflecting upon it, then the occurrence whatever it was was just a wasted experience...", where defeats were ever just "hard lessons" really, and where at times life could be a hard teacher too

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