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repost from elsewhere, chatting with someone

"...well it's for real then, I mean it's cancer under the name of "pT4a without" to be exact..." replied the goblin intending to be as honest as possible anonymously online here while letting the old man remain as hidden as possible in his dailylife there, relating "...and yes, perhaps it's somewhat selfish of me to write about my thoughts and feelings in those off moments between these increasingly on moments, but to be honest it's not so much the idea of "keeping the body and soul together" here as in fact its opposite as in keeping those two apart least they drag each other down...", yes it was almost amusing to see how the old man seemed so emotionally detached focused and determined while his goblin inside him went going through his reflections without much choice in the matter, at which point the goblin just smiled back repeating "...this journey to self goes by "day by day" then, the journey's point is that there's is no point really, but if you learn that there is no point but still continue along anyway, then just perhaps whatever it was was in one's nature all along, hence this journey to self then, and from this one's my nature is revealed, just no point then and every point depending..."

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