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repost chatting with flea, still on tiny handheld device no internet connecton for weeks apparently, tucked away, running out of data, slippery signal, shrugs

... he did a double take - she was gone one minute and back the next motionless now gazing out of the snug tucked up in a little ball leaking feelings which she suddenly funnelled into fiddling with the bells and beads around her pretty painted toes .. ‘the CT scanner was new in those days and they kept ringing up from the hospital to get her sister back over, her bones ... of course it reached a point with chemo where she had had enough and they stopped it all on her asking .. she was a wild child ... way ahead of her time, I mean she was so creative, so the crazy diamond ... it’s not romancing her memory neither ...’ fuck anna had missed her the older she got because well once she went she kind of had to conform and bury the wild side, tow the line for their sakes - ‘am getting younger with my years ... now that they’ve all but grown up they have begun to realised quite what a rebel nature she was keeping under wraps, share that with my sister and there are moments she cheers where my siblings curse, creativity is a funny thing babe, she had it in spades ...’ anna thought on softly ... ‘see because there is just me have had to have my house inorder - like if I were to die tomorrow told the kids way back - have taught them all I know, taught them to survive on - to take ownership of themselves, their lives. always live like today is my last .. wanted them to be able to keep calm and carry on regardless, that death-dealt needn’t disempower .. shrugs’ he glanced to her gone-again-again and liked.

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