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Originally Posted by Cityboy View Post
Insult. With your shorts, all you did was provide a laugh. I had to chime in. I couldn't see Nacia falling for your nonsense. At least, you're standing on your own these days and not Joematt's lap dummy.

Again, I really believe you are just trolling here in the true sense of the word. That, or youíre just not smart enough to keep up with the conversation. Not that being of simple intellectual means devalues you in any way as a human being. Youíre still just as valuable as the rest of us if thatís the case.

I communicated with Joe as recently as last week, and he didnít try to get me to sit on his lap. He might later, dunno.

I think you miss himóheís been away from here a while.

Anyway, keep up the fun man. I can do this all day.
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