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Originally Posted by Nacia View Post
hello Cityboy
the issue I have with all this love is the flip side of it.
love and hate comes to mind. You can love someone then hate them the next because that is human nature. It is volatile and love is not the answer.
I am no preacher or god follower but I need not to be taught or told I have to have feelings towards someone I don't know so I can get on with them. I can do that without love.
I prefer because it is better lasting is respect towards one another.
respect is not linked to love it has no views and cares not about what the person is or looks like and therefore I think it is better long term.
love is limited to people that are related to you and obviously persons who are intimate with you.
That is why I don't agree with what Jesus said or done.
Nobody is trying to force you to change ways or to behave in a certain way. Christ was presenting a truth when He said "Love" is the greatest force in the whole universe.

Where are you getting this stuff that you have to be related to someone to love them? "Love" is the best emotion in the human body. In many cases, it takes years to cultivate (some people are slower learners than others). But, it is "always" there -- inside of every person just waiting to be turned loose. And when it is turned loose, it transforms people. Take the case of Saul. He persecuted Christians before turning into one of the most loving individuals of all time. With love, there can be no hate, no killing, no suffering, no hunger, no sorrow. You really don't understand this magnificent power -- but you're not alone. Most of us don't either.
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