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One kind of title you must avoid or I will hate your title and that's a title that's a poem all to itself. There's way too many of these. Please don't have a beautiful title like :

The Riffling Lights of Oceans
The Gates of Tawdry Dreams
Hunger Among The Buffet Trinkets
The Light between Oceans

The Sun Also Rises, for example, is a godawful title. Hmm... the sun also rises?! Why yes so it does. That Earnest!


The Great Gatsby on the other hand...

King Lear - yes.

A Midsummer Night's Dream? Oooh my! YUCK. Spit Spit. PeeYou!

Titles. Simple but not so simple as to be marvelously simple.

Titles, see. Fraught with peril.
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