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Then of course there's the intemperate use of spirits (sorry) of a different kind:

Whisky's a Darlin'

A glass bottle, familiar deep green colour, a famous deer's head label, stoppered by a silvery mini model of a royal stag's head, an honest workmanlike lead crystal glass, all reflected in a mirror in front of a man's bar. A face too is seen, a hardened sinner's face, ugly as a robber's dog, good thing a man's got a beard.

Handful of ice in the lead crystal glass, deer's head stopper out, glass filled with a mellow yellow whisky gold as the glass fills up. Doesn't take long to fill up a four finger's full glass, takes a lot longer to sip it down, good sippin' whisky that it is. Moderation be damned!

Many long years ago, a fellow might perhaps have gone out on the veranda, sat there a while, glass in one hand, loaded revolver in the other and sipped away until one streetlight became two, then three and he'd have shot the middle one out before the three become four or more. How the Devil was a man supposed to sleep in that glare? But the days of the Raj are gone ...

Leaving only the mirror, the crystal glass with a more and more fiery gold gleam going up inside it as the bottle empties out while the wail of imagined war pipes and the beating of drums summons a deer headed demon until the creature fills the mirror, raises its own brimming crystal glass (much finer than yours) and, if you will but listen politely, tells you all manner of secrets.
Not that you can ever remember the secrets in the morning.

All you do remember is the same demon's last mocking salute, “Evenin' y' old soak! Enjoy the whisky, the wantin' of it's worse than the drinkin' of it, an' all ye have to do to avoid the wantin' of it is drink enough of it!”

Would that you could, but you can't and at last the crystal glass flies through the air to make a united pile of shimmering cullet with the shattered mirror as your body flies the other way and hits the floor, there to make a curled up snoring pig end of a damn good night's drinkin'. Och aye, whisky's a darlin', but then if it weren't, it wouldn't be worth the sippin' ...

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