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A fashion model with a brain. They should have her stuffed.

Of course she's right. History is a catalogue of white supremacist exploitation and genocide.

Are we guilty because we weren't the ones who pulled the trigger? Yes I think we are, as long as we continue to celebrate racial murder as some kind of glorious achievement. Empire is an ugly thing, not a force for good. I recently read "The Blood Never Dried" by John Newsinger, an honest account of the cold blooded atrocities of the British Empire. It's a brilliant read and I heartily recommend it, but it will have your toes curling for shame of what was done in the name of 'progress' and 'democracy'.

If this imperialism had ended we would have grounds to distance our generation from guilt, but it never ends. Whether it's Shock and Awe, or drone strikes, or economic sanctions, the White Man still plays at ruling the world and doesn't mind how many casualties he inflicts to do it.
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