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Originally Posted by max crash View Post
your story was a little to much like the book of Job (king James version of the bible) and it also read way to much like a watchtower story - this may have been your intent --

the end of the story while departing from the watchtower version was not redeeming for this story.

I liked your other story much better and it may be that I'm a wiccan and just didn't like the subject of this story.

while I can't fault your construction or spelling - sorry but I just didn't like the story. other more godly people may.

I guess that makes the score, in my opinion, one excellent and one not so good

keep writing


Oh, well I'm actually now a misotheist, not a christian you mean like the actual watchtower?

Yeah my intent wasn't to make it so much like the story of Job but to make it a story that shows what happens when you believe in God and when you're "the perfect christian" - and God fails you. It's the song "Dear God" by XTC and "Where's God" by Insane Clown Posse put in film form. It starts off seeming like a christian film but it's really not.

The ending is supposed to leave people questioning their own thoughts and beliefs in God and I decided to write this story because it's what I'm going through now, so I wrote from personal experience but....

ok, thanks for your feedback.
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