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Default Challenge #50 Whr r my vls?

Hll0. My n@m3 1s St3v3. ! Svff3r fr0m @ r@re m3nt@l c0nd1d1t10n wh3r3 1 c@nt vs3 v0w3ls. (n0, 1'm n0t W3lsh). ! @m jvst @ll3rg1c t0 v0w3ls. ! D'0nt w@nt Ch@r1ty, 1 w@nt m0n3y, s0 ! c@n l1v3 1n lvx3ry t1ll 1 di3.

pls hlp.

W3 @cc3pt @m3r1c@n M@st3rc@rd.


Edit: Not sure if I fulfilled the 'readible' clause, but I don't care, I just wrote a sentance without holding back vowels, and it feels great.

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