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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
He kind of makes a habit of being shot or stabbed? Not the sort of idiot I'd want to take advice from, to be honest.
Three tours in Viet Nam, some work in European countries, a couple of stints in Africa, a police officer's career and a Bail Bondsman's go get 'em guy.

With all that playing a scraped knee is inevitable, I suppose.

He once said that he would always be sure to sharpen his knife before going out on patrol.

Someone asked "Why"?

He responded "So when the shootin' starts I can slice the buttons off the front of my uniform".

Someone asked "Why"?

His answer "So I can get closer to the ground".

To this day I have no hesitation in gettin' low when I hear a loud noise.
Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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