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Originally Posted by Franklin View Post
I flew armed, (open carry) for courier duty of top secret material. Always two men, then, always in sight of each other and the football.
Was this before 9-11-2011?

Originally Posted by Franklin View Post
I don't support measures that prevent legal ownership of guns, but I think it would be a good move to "fingerprint" every weapon sold so it could be matched quickly in a crime.
There's these things called serial numbers...

Ok, beyond my smart-assery (sorry, Paco) I take issue with that. It gets too close to violation of privacy issues. I don't want GPS chips in guns, or fire/not fire chips where you have to where the decoder ring to shoot it. Our federal government thinks the constitution is a substitute for Charmin. No need to give them anything else to play with, or any more ability to infringe.
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