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Originally Posted by Tally View Post
Hi Leila,

I'm sure that nothing I say will come as a surprise, but maybe, just maybe, one or two of my observations in the past few days from when I joined might help whoever it concerns, to see it from a newbie's point of view.

1) I admit I didn't scour too deep into the site before I signed up. I mainly chose here because it didn't seem pretentious (I find this extremely off putting, I'm not an intellectual and have no time for those who prefer not speak plainly). The layout is also familiar to another forum I am part of, and so it felt comfortable.

2) Once signed up, I was a little dismayed to see such little action. Posts on the first pages of many threads are dated 2016. It feels like a ghost ship. Now, I'm no quitter and so I intend to stick around and hopefully be a part of the turning tides. However, I can see why some others would quickly move on. I have no problem with waiting for replies for my queries, but I did expect a faster turn-over of posts. It seems to me to be the biggest catch-22. You/we/the forum need to show activity to get people to stay, but that activity can only build if they stay and contribute! I'm already feeling frustrated for those of you who are clearly die-harders

3) The organisation of the site is a little confusing. At least, for me it is. I still feel like a child being dumped in a huge deserted office building, with signs pointing every which way. I was poking around for two days before I noticed the "members only" section. Again, once in these threads - some of them have great titles for help and guidance - last posts were 2016/2015. It doesn't inspire hope. :/

4) Finally, as the newbie... now I know how few members are here, it is even more intimidating to post etc. I know that this lies with me, but to break into an established group takes a leap of faith that the newbie wont be ignored, or scorned for not knowing better. Had this been my first internet forum, I don't think I'd be posting any of this!

I sincerely hope that whatever the reasons were for this place to falter, they are gone, and that it picks up again. I don't like moving once I've put my stuff down, and I'm a bit too stubborn to give up yet

Have you gained access to members only? Because, there have been fairly regular posts of short stories there. I myself posted on I think in June of this year. Myers has too, as well as Mohican, jinjonator, a couple newbies and probably more.

You have to get access through Mohican if you want in. Maybe the front page just shows old stuff but new stuff is there.
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