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Feels like they could be really nice lyrics to me -- it would be interesting to hear the music.

You probably already know you can start putting down songs with a minimum of equipment -- a couple of decent mics to begin with which you may already have.

If not, the mic anyone can get started with for only $150 or so is the Audio Technica AT2020. It's a great value and rivals mics that cost 3 times as much or more.

Otherwise, you just need an audio interface and a DAW. The Focusrite products are great and affordable interfaces. I use Cakewalk Sonar as a DAW -- I'd use Pro Tools -- but there's a monthly fee now. And there are tons of free amp sims and plugins. You need a lot of memory and processing speed though.

Of course, you'll immediately want more gear -- but you can get started and arrive at a working process for writing and recording with very little.

Look at a blog -- The Bedroom Producer -- the guy reviews all kinds of stuff, mostly software -- including all the free stuff.

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