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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
I was raised in a household where my parents, especially my Mom was active in Republican politics - especially local politics.

Through the years I see a few Republicans as decent people - but on the whole, especially once they enter national politics- I have come to view most of them as toxic.

I have always viewed Democrat politicians as a whole as toxic - They believe- or pander to people with ideas that are anathema to me.

I was never a lock step Republican or a lock step Democrat hater - my mom and Grandma told me of how my Grandpa, high up in the county Republicans actively campaigned for a Democrat Governor during the Depression. So I've always had the example in front of me person before party.

I have come to disdain all but two or three "conservative" talk radio voices. The one I like the most is also one who has also jumped off the Republican bandwagon, and like me thinks there is no cure in Mordor On The Potomac from "electing the right Republicans."

In sum - I little faith in "political cures".
Democracy will never cure society's ills, it's an expression of them. Politicians will promise anything to get elected. Morality, or even stragegic planning, comes a poor second to that.

Because of the insecurity inherent in democracy it attracts the wrong types, those in it for a quick buck or some other abuse of power. You'll be shunned by the electorate eventually so who would be in it for anything else?

Having promised the world to get elected they either have to deliver the impossible or throw away their manifesto, which is a lot more popular these days. I remember when politicians could at least be shamed into resigning if they didn't keep a promise.

Over the years I've come to see elections as clever distractions, the election of leaders just a political game of musical chairs to con us all into thinking we have a choice.
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