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Dear Gabriel,

I am quite sorry if I expressed distaste or unease at your prior criticisms. At times, I am a bit thin-skinned.

Some of my essays have been published in the past, and I can provide prospective agents and publishers with the web pages on which those essays appear. There's just one problem: My best piece, which earned money and went to a nationwide magazine, was done eons ago and precedes the intenet. Of course, I have photocopies of the material, but I can't send it via a web page.

I am not contending my essays are written in the king's english, or have delectable metaphors or slide along with insouciant and sagacious alliterations. Instead I think my essays, at times, offer ideas that are novel or overlooked. I hope I don't sound like a pretentious SOB, which I am.

I guess my roots as a pretentious SOB hark back to my viewing of the movie "A clockwork Orange." I am an American and like so many Americans I am easily seduced and enchanted by British accents. To we Americans even the pop group "The Hermin's Hermits" seemed urbane and edcucated. (A guy can be an utter dope but with the right English accent he is Wembly and Oxford and Byron and a house in the Country with Champers and Caviar all at the same time)

In any event, there is a scene in which the crusty and bitter old English intellectual, who had been beaten by Malcom MacDowel, bellows, "Oh, but the common people KNOW NOTHING. They would gladly sell liberty for safer streets. They must be led, they must be told what to do." With that royal rant, my fate as a pretentious Son of a Bitch was sealed.
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