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And it's a two way street.

So say things like divorce court and family court -- most people who aren't crazy would say both institutions are actually skewed in favour of women. But, the justice system is male dominated, most judges are men, most legislators are men. So of course there is male complicity, where there is a tendency for some women to see themselves as victims, there is a tendency for some men to treat them as such, thus the self reinforcing system.

oh and hi
Yeah, thats a good example of the other side of the street, men being complicit in an unfair system that penalises other men based on their gender.

I get why divorce and family courts are skewed in favour of women, given all the years previously where women had no say in what happened to them or their children during a divorce, if divorce was even possible etc. But I recognise that going to the opposite extreme and treating men with the same disrespect is not the answer.

I think its an unfortunate aspect of human nature that we have to go to extremes in our attempts to change bad situations or evolve our society. I wish we didn't have to.

Lol, good to see you too. Hope things are going well for you
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