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Originally Posted by CandraH View Post
I think this is a large part of the problems faced getting past ideas of oppression in the female population. In order to move forward and change things, there needs to be acknowledgement among females of their roles in perpetuating what we see as male driven discrimination, mysogyny etc. And because women have seen themselves as the victim in society for so long, its hard for a lot of us to accept our complicity in it.

So yeah, taking that into account, its got to be the latter option in your op. I mean, as a woman in 21st century western society, even looking back at my mother's views from the sixties and seventies, which were supposed to be ultra feminist and forward thinking, feels like observing a strangely backward and also oddly bigotted worldview in which men were the enemy and women were always the victims who had to fight back. But the reality that women were the ones raising their sons and daughters to continue traditional social roles, was never acknowledged.

We all need to recognise our part in the oppression of future generations based on whatever idealogy we subscribe to, whether its religious superstition or social indoctrination. So yeah, it will always be the kids fighting against the stifling restriction of their parents' old fashioned and sometimes dangerous ideas about things.
Here's a thought,
Say if every person who twittered, posted, commented etc on having gender equality, actually treated gender equally would there still be a problem? If there was a significant number of people, gender inequality wouldn't be an issue, but as gender inequality still is an issue, is the reason a) the people who fight for it do not have any agency, b) the people who "fight" for it don't actually care, c) as you mention, the people who "fight" for it quickly fall back into traditional roles once they log out of social media, d) there isn't a significant number of people, e) gender inequality isn't an issue, f) other
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