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Originally Posted by CandraH View Post
We all need to recognise our part in the oppression of future generations based on whatever idealogy we subscribe to, whether its religious superstition or social indoctrination. So yeah, it will always be the kids fighting against the stifling restriction of their parents' old fashioned and sometimes dangerous ideas about things.

And it's a two way street.

So say things like divorce court and family court -- most people who aren't crazy would say both institutions are actually skewed in favour of women. But, the justice system is male dominated, most judges are men, most legislators are men. So of course there is male complicity, where there is a tendency for some women to see themselves as victims, there is a tendency for some men to treat them as such, thus the self reinforcing system.

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I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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