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Originally Posted by Prodigalson View Post
In the Western world, men like to think they run things, in the face of all evidence to the contrary (what man will truly go against the wishes of his wife?) Anytime we balk at doing what they want, they only need to entice us into bed, and we become putty in their hands (well, figuratively).

However, a woman who gets no pleasure from the act would be less likely to entice a man to perform it, and a man who doesn't see his wife in the throes of orgasm is less likely to have his heart go all melty on him,causing him to do things he would not normally do, "Because I love you."

I believe this is the thinking behind these mutilations: the unwillingness to allow women into the decision making process, and a macho refusal to feel love.
I think the last point sums it up in terms of a motivating mindset.

On the point of men liking to think that they run things...

I think it's more a case of everyone likes to think that men run things, because we need someone to blame for all the... well... fuck ups and catastrophes.

I wonder if when Beyonce says 'Who runs the world? -- girls!' she's also willing to accept the tonne heap of guilt that comes with that. Or, do girls just run all the nice fluffy bits... like pop music and short shorts?

On the subject of FGM, sure you could look at patriarchy, but you could also look at religion, tribalism, irrationality, refusal to step into modernity and a clinging to ancient practices and superstition...

Given these aspects you might say people are victims of their own culture. The question is then, do women hold influence within culture? Well firstly Nimko would be speaking in utter futility if they didn't. And in a wider respect, who's raising the kids? Remember what Lenin said...
I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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