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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
I don't see how your question is all that controversial.

It's because of "intergenerational indoctrination" -- but it seems logical to me that women would have to be complicit or at the least resigned to the practice.

For it to end, it will have to evolve into a "fight between men and women" -- because women in the communities where this happens will need to be involved in any movement to stop it.
I don't view it as a fight between men and women. I see it as a fight between a barbaric culture and one that that is trying to move away from that barbarism.

What John didn't comment on:
Went to see Nimko Ali last night, she did a talk entitled 'there is no such thing as oversharing'. We're having a festival of ideas in Bristol.

In Somalia most women undergo some form of FGM, the removal of the clitoris, part of the labia, sometimes the vagina is sewn shut. It's a form of abuse which predates Islam by perhaps thousands of years.
The practice may or may not have predated Mohammed, but the practice remains and is part of the Muslim problem. And cultural problem.

This also is a problem if a host nation allows immigrants to continue this practice.
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