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This kind of ties in with the "Disparity of Outcome" thread, in that one of the reasons some women feel compelled to work is their feeling that their family is inadequate if they don't have certain things that no one ever needed before.

In two or three generations we have gone from a culture where thrift and "making do" were honored, to one where every kid has to have a smart phone with unlimited data; new clothes because that's what TV tells you they need, not because the old ones wore out; and everyone's embarrassed to drive a car that's "too old", even though it runs well.

This ideal outcome that the proponents of equality want everyone to have is unsupportable. All a person needs is food, shelter, and some meaningful interaction with other people. We're fortunate to live in a rich country where things which are considered luxuries in other places are commonly possessed by even the poor, here, but a lot of people are happy with the basic necessities.

If that makes people with a lot of shit feel guilty, fine, but they shouldn't flagellate themselves trying to bring everyone up to their standards. And a woman shouldn't feel like she has to leave the home and work just to try and meet someone's else's arbitrary idea of what their family should have.

If she's doing it because she thinks that's what's best for her family, more power to her, and hopefully her kid doesn't spend too much time in Juvie.
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