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Originally Posted by Escriber* View Post
I agree that there is a stigma attached to any 'female that works'.

Sometimes racial. Sometimes orientation.

Where it comes from, is prescribed 'class' ideology about
the nuclear family. But, think really hard. Isn't the nuclear family the worse of them all?
No. And that's my problem, that people might think that for some obscure reason.

Why should the convention or traditional family be the 'worst of them all'?

The pressure to conform is a whole separate issue. We're not talking about compulsion here.

It would be a delicate thing to bring up an optimum family unit, nuclear or otherwise, whether it functions well is surely all that matters; and if conventional works then so beit.

I guess my main issue is a Marxist one. Marx argued that Capitalism was turning the family into a business transaction and robbing family members of the time to engage with each other in a meaningful way. Now the father's working hours might be shorter than in Marx' day, but now the mothers are also pressured to, or expected to work, and perhaps even derided by their peers if they don't. I'm sure he would have something to say about that.
I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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