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Originally Posted by JoeMatt View Post
This could have come straight from my wife.

I worked at home for several years -- I often helped out with the home schooling and other day-to-day things with the kids. Before that, when our oldest was first born, I stayed at home while my wife worked for almost a year. When I started working at an office every day both my wife and kids were really upset -- I wondered if it was worth the additional money and benefits etc. My wife didn't really think so -- and it was the cause of some conflict between us. The thing was, I often had to work really late after the kids were in bed -- that got pretty tiring -- and I really wanted to take my career forward. In the long run, it's all worked out for the best -- but I wouldn't trade that time at home for anything.
We faced a similar dilemma. My husband had his own business which involved him being at home all day but also crazy hours.

He decided to take a pay cut and work outside the home but for regular hours. We spent a year sending kisses to Daddy whenever we saw a wood truck (he works for a timber company) - the truck drivers probably wondered who the batty woman that kept blowing them kisses was . To be honest I still really miss him although it is better.
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