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Originally Posted by Leila View Post
Hi Tally

thanks for your post, and welcome to the site!

This is still a good enough site as far as it goes. I first joined up several years ago when it was really buzzing, numerous contributions in poetry and fiction and free writing, critiques, and a large and diverse group of regular contributors. I then went off-sit for a while but I never really found any other writing forum to suit, so I ended up back here.

The current lack of actual creative activity on this place, especially when compared to its past glories, can be frustrating, and that's why I blew off a little steam. But you sound like someone who's willing to engage - stick around and see how it goes.

Nice to have you here, and btw I'm not too far away from you - in Glasgow.
Thank you for the welcome

Yes, only a couple of hours drive away!

I am certainly not planning on leaving any time soon, I just need more time to get my head around the place and take that leap into sharing my writing with people who know what they're talking about, rather than the well-meaning friends who just say "that's good" haha.
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