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I think John hit the right spot there: as far as I know, most of the members that wrote/read a lot of poetry and critiqued a lot in the poetry section are no longer very active on the boards, or have disappeared altogether. While I enjoy critiquing poetry, I find it hard to get the time on my hands to do so.

While I agree it's no more than fair for a member to provide a couple of meaningful critiques before having their own work critiqued, I'm not sure if a hard system like the one you suggest would be the solution. The way it works now is that the more you critique, the more easily other members will critique your work when you put it up. So it's kind of implicitly the same effect you'd want to achieve by making members post one or two critiques before being able to post again. I see how that implicit system would be difficult in the poetry section though, considering the small amount of members active there.

As far as I'm concerned, this was a good wake-up call to pay more attention to that section of the forum, so thank you, iDrew!
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