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Instead of an attack towards the members, the opening post in this thread can be seen (and should be seen) as the staff asking everyone to calm down and help pull together to once more make the forum an enjoyable place to be. Because for a while, a couple of weeks back, it wasn’t fun anymore. If you take a look at the date on which this thread was started, you’ll notice it wasn’t put up recently. The beat has calmed down a lot since the thread was opened, partly thanks to serious action taken by the staff.

At the time this thread was opened, several members posted very little writing-related things on the forum, and only took part in trollish behaviour on conversational threads, attacking other members. For a while, those threads were really not a nice place to be, and we agree that some members were treated like dirt. The reason we did not take immediate action is because we were hard at work backstage to handle things on the long term. Soon after this thread was opened, several members were permanently banned from the boards because of their behaviour – something we don’t take lightly.

People have to take accountability and responsibility for their actions, and the staff cannot be held responsible for the way members act. We can only take action on the behaviour we see or that is reported to us. Unless on trivial matters, we do not take action until the whole team has discussed a situation and arrived at a decision we believe is fair for all.

We keep all discussions about members and any actions we take behind the scenes to maintain confidentiality. This thread was posted because we could see feelings between WB members had gotten so bad, we needed to speak out and call for calm. Perhaps it has escaped your notice that a number of our more serious members no longer visit the forum. This is because of the back biting and bad attitudes on the forum, which we did our best to control, but which we could not stop. Mods and admins are not a cure-all for behavioural problems on the boards; we cannot prevent anything from happening. All we can do is deal with things that happen.

If you feel like the staff is not handling things right, please feel free to contact us via PM or reported posts, but we’d like to ask you to refrain from openly bashing us when there seems to be no good reason for it.
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