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I think Dog is one of those larger than life kinda characters. He's good TV. I see as many memes mocking him as praising him. But, he has an a TV show that's run for a long time so he must be doing okay. And hey, I've never watched a full episode of one of his shows but I instantly recognized him when I saw him.

I have a long time customer that is a Private investigator. He does some leg work for bounty hunters and parties interested in some way with people who've jumped bail, etc. he says it's 99.9% boring work. Dog kinda makes it look more exciting than it probably is.

Lots of going through paperwork and records, making phone calls, and internet searches, I'd imagine.

You're welcome to our guest room, but there won't be any gardening at my house😀 my wife would probably not let you cook or clean either.

We've been getting notices from our homeowners association that the outside of our house needs to be painted, though, so there might be some opportunity to be useful there😀
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