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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
I remember reading about Dog years ago in Vanity Fair.

He went to Mexico and hunted down this wealthy heir who'd been arrested for drugging and raping women -- they let him out on bail -- millions of dollars -- I think, and the guy took off on the day of trial.

I think that was his initial claim to fame. The guy seems to be the real deal, but so much is edited, reenacted or just faked in those reality shows, I'm kind of skeptical about the show itself.

I Googled it and read he's 5'7." It's on the internet, so it must be true.
I wondered how he was received over there - is he liked or ridiculed?

There seems to be a real warmth to him, but as you say, so much is often just for the cameras.

On a dreary day, it strikes me as an exotic and fun lifestyle - getting to dress up and play hide and seek for a living. I'm quite tempted.

If rural England loses its charm for me, I may come across the pond and set myself up as a bounty hunter. I thought I could call the business 'Graceful Bondage' and dress up as Cat Woman for work wear.

If you guys could lend me your spare bedroom whilst i'm house hunting, I'll happily do the gardening.
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