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("...where the graces go those goblins follow..." smiled the goblin)

the heat of summer had abated somewhat, somehow the goblin seated in the bistro on this his second dayoff was still going over the ramifications of work anew, where work was his pride, oh yes his beloved "time filler" as it was then, yet without work he had no pride and it seemed like nothing took its place, sighing " see slot, most autopsies only read of those minor details, where in truth most folk actually die of their retirement, but doctors are so loathed to write the obvious, so they write out those minor details instead...", the slot looked back up at the goblin and repeated "...the point of life is not longevity goblin, its point if there is any point is simply to find the answer to whatever question it is within the time remaining, but death lets you come up with that question there, lets you clutch to your answer too if you feel that it's the right answer there, and even lets you ignore the question entirely if you so wish to do so now, only calling "time up" at some point, where the question evidently remains here while evidently do not...", "...but what's the question slot..." asked the goblin knowing he had thought about it many times, "...well if it helps goblin it's probably that which is truly you that isn't your dailylife around you...", and with that the goblin in his cowardice just yearned for the continuity of his dailylife all the more, just he so wanted to be his dailylife still

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