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Thank you all for your thoughts and more are always welcomed.

I think it is beset as well as fairest to leave the limit as is until the end of this contest and any entries that are over just won’t be added to the voteing options.

For the next context the word limit will change, though whether it is up or gone I still need to decide.

While the WBQ is on hiatus there is no prize in that regard, though simply winning can be reward enough, or the fun of entering and the challenge of writing. Back in the day I entered most contests here and while I can remember winning it was very rare, I just enjoyed the challenge of taking the subject/theme and making something of it. Anyway I am digressing, what I meant to say at the beginning of this paragraph was that when the WBQ comes out of Hiatus we will be looking at the contest winners for work to feature. So while that part of the prize is not current it might be in the future. I should say that part of the process to be featured does include a through critique so that the version that is included in the WBQ was the best it can be. Sadly I have always been the least competent of the editors in terms of SPaG and therefore did not think that I could do a critique on my own to that was good enough to help the winner improve as part of the prize.

I can certainly try if people want, but I can make no promises on that regard.

The word limit evolved from the origin of the contest here. Back in the day contest where monthly so a limit was needed. Especially as in those days the winner was not decided by public vote but by a panel (who could enter work in the contest). This fell apart after a while due to several factors such as time constraints. Then it was changed to two/three month long and the winner was selected by public vote. The word limit was increased at this point (I think, it is all so long ago) and some of the other rules where relaxed, changed or removed. Since then the contest has changed a little with each year but has remained broadly similar.

You are not to blame FX Lord, I want to continue to run contest at regular intervals because they can be fun, and one of these days I will even have the time to write and enter again myself. Also I had a lot of fun taking part when I was new to the site and I do not want to take the potential experience away from new members to day and in the future.
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