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Aw crap, I posted something but didn't read the word limit before I did.

Oh well, hope y'all enjoy it anyway.
Dang. I just read through the current entries and I must say I thought yours would be a shoe-in for the winner . . . if only it weren't for the word limit! Regardless, I love how complete the story is. I feel I know a great deal about the long lives of the characters and the circumstances that have shaped them all and ultimately led to this moment. In addition you have an insightful way of exploring the situation from many viewpoints - we feel not just the emotions of the family unit and patient, but also of the care workers and the wider atmosphere of this place. This 'completeness' is something I find very difficult to insert naturally into any kind of short story; I realise word count is a factor and I'd be interested to know what sections you might have cut out to bring it down to 2000 words.

The other two entries are also very strong. SuperGurl's piece is nicely uplifting and I particularly enjoyed the distinct voice of the narrator. Agatha Christie's entry keeps us guessing til the end and I have to say I'd like to know what happens just after the story's conclusion!
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