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Default Does the Soul Exist?

Originally Posted by Beesauce View Post
when a true loved one dies-- you wonder why you may get sick to your stomach? -- trust me, i've had a lot of experience with my loved ones oh... recently--- oh..-- i should not be --

bp, youre lucky, but someone you know will die later soon, and when they do... your comfort? They're gone and don't come back right?

we're living in a social construct where we were built to argue and fight about this subject.

Warlords really don't want anyone to know their nightmares are ghosts -- that's -- i know what happens when someone feels like they were responsible for someones death -- they dream about those dead people -- almost nightly -- are they ghosts visiting the killers in their dreams? Or is that just guilt? Is guilt really just a ghost hanging around punching you in the gut? These are the questions of the greatest mysteries --

And that's right-- someone doesn't want you to think about the possibility of reality as it is only a mystery to those who don't wish to consider the "silly"..

I had five sisters, now I have four. The youngest died three years ago. When I was 6yrs old I held her infant body in my arms. They brought her home and let me hold her first. She was so beautiful. She had these huge eyes and full lips. You know how some babies are kind of ugly? She wasnít. She was perfect.

Iím fifty now, so Iíve had at least a dozen good friends die on me. They passed into the collective vibration and disappeared.

All these live on through me, but they no longer exist in a physical way. Sure, they live one through others in a different way, but they are gone.

I see no value in pretending that the personal life force lives on in any physical way. Who cares?
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