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when a true loved one dies-- you wonder why you may get sick to your stomach? -- trust me, i've had a lot of experience with my loved ones oh... recently--- oh..-- i should not be --

bp, youre lucky, but someone you know will die later soon, and when they do... your comfort? They're gone and don't come back right?

we're living in a social construct where we were built to argue and fight about this subject.

Warlords really don't want anyone to know their nightmares are ghosts -- that's -- i know what happens when someone feels like they were responsible for someones death -- they dream about those dead people -- almost nightly -- are they ghosts visiting the killers in their dreams? Or is that just guilt? Is guilt really just a ghost hanging around punching you in the gut? These are the questions of the greatest mysteries --

And that's right-- someone doesn't want you to think about the possibility of reality as it is only a mystery to those who don't wish to consider the "silly"..
i didnt do it, except...

i dream, you dream, we all do --
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