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I was your temptress. I was your mistress. I beckoned and you came. Like a selfish whore I used you, finding solace in your arms for tears I never should have shed. The bruises your hands left upon my skin burned with triumphant glory, symbols of a foolish victory. Intoxication was not the object, but intoxicated I was, my decisions impaired by overbearing pride. You gave me wore than I once wanted; at heart I wanted love, but you gave me possession.

He did the same. You're all the same. I ask of you friendship and you offer me more: temptation, obsession. Around every corner I find you waiting, with such predictability that the absence of it leaves me incomplete.

He called me a heartless temptress. To him I was mistress of seduction, a siren. I was to burn for my cruelty, for failing to be kind enough to someone I had only just met.

I tried to tell you. I tried to warn you to stay away, but my eyes begged you to come nearer. A toss of my hair here, a twirl of the skirt there, and escape was no longer possible. You didn't believe in Hell; I couldn't explain my affliction. I couldn't save you. I couldn't even save myself.

I was nothing to you.

(I actually had extra time on this one, but couldn't keep it going...)
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