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[MOUSE]erm... yeah. Dunno what happened here...[/MOUSE]

She sat and stared up at us, smiling as she twirled the hair from her devilishly cute pigtails we all loved so much. She giggled and bit her lip, still staring up, still applying pressure to her lip with those pointed little teeth. She uncrossed her legs and spread them out infront of her. If we'd been at her level we'd have seen straight up that little white dress, up her prepubesent thighs to that pale pink opening, untouched, not yet blemished by age. She span around on the ground, like the child trapped inside of her, head rolled back, eyes closed but ours remained unblinking, judging in a circle around her.

Then she stopped and slowly rose, stood perfectly still with her hands over her face and continued to laugh. Our eyes flickered between her and each other, nervous and uncomfortable untill the blood began to trickle down her fore arms, black in the moonlight. She out stretched her hands, towards me, but looked all around with eyes that seemed detached from the sockets. We all remained stern of face, despite it being evident what she had done. Gnawed flesh, dripping life force from split veins and ripped tendons. The pleasure on her face became apparent as she spread her arms like Christ and spun around and around in front of us. Laughing all the more when the blood splashed our faces. None wiped the splashes from their face, our laws prevented us from doing so, we all stood still and cried our crimson tears, tasted her blood on our lips as she had done.

She danced and laughed and danced and spun and laughed, then stopped. She stared at me, at the hands at my side. She watched me with relentless eyes, she fixed her gaze upon me, as a blade came from behind her, slicing her in two. She stared and I swear I heard her laugh.
A Girl in Winter.
His lips parted, cracked and dry as he struggled to whisper: "My muse, you're here."
She simply smiled, "Yes, Drake, I am here."

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