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Default A Violet by Hilee Coco

There was a silence as we sat on the concrete bench. I pointed to a violet growing from a crack in the sidewalk. “Isn’t that wonderful?” I said. “Something so beautiful growing amidst the trash and ugliness.” I was proud to have said something so poetic on the spot and hoped Damien would appreciate my depth.

He sighed lightly and seemed to consider something. “My aunt was a social worker,” he said. “She often worked with prostitutes. And some of these girls were treated awfully, you know. One of them told her about an incident years ago that they all remembered. So the story was, one of these girls was pregnant, like really pregnant, close to nine months. She was sick one day and couldn’t work. Her pimp flew into a rage and beat her for a while. Really badly. Bad enough to induce labor. And the miraculous thing was, the baby survived. The miracle of birth, out of a hemorrhaging, dying prostitute.”

I stared, wide-eyed. He looked at the flower. “Nice,” he said flatly.
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