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colonelscout312 11-28-2014 09:29 AM

Review for script
I'm looking for someone who is willing to read my current script and give me a review. It should be almost done in a week or two, and I hope to submit it to a flim festival.

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max crash 11-28-2014 11:33 AM

I am by no means an expert or even a simi-pro but I might give it a try if you're interested,

it would depend on the type of story and the length. as a reference I can say I have seen, read several scripts, the ones for machete, one and two, and dust to dawn. my son was involved in the props area of those movies.

the script for all of them were about 60 pages each, I know they say a minute per page but the director can really stretch it out.

if you're interested in my opinion, let me know the info and I'll let you know


colonelscout312 11-30-2014 05:17 PM

I believe I shall take you up on that offer. It is by no means 60 pages, it is just a short film, but I hope to submit it to a film festival. I'll PM it to you.

clarke1557 08-29-2016 04:57 AM

Let me know

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