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Firefly 05-11-2010 09:50 PM

Prompt #36 - People, Bananas, and Clothes (Original Prompt)
This month's prompt is by our wonderful Redlorry!

There are so many things that might not be what they seem. People have more than one dimension to them; bananas have a skin that taste awful, but take that off and there's some yummy goodness inside; and clothes . . . well depending on the person, those can come off pretty easily.

With that in mind, our new prompt is:

Peeling Back the Layers

Is it about sunburn? One of those delicious Pillsbury biscuits that are all flaky and whatnot? Maybe an old paintjob on a desk? Whatever the layers, let us know in a story!

* * *
No word limit, though shorter pieces tend to get more attention. Submissions should be made in new threads with #36 in the title of your thread (#36 - People, Bananas, and Clothes) Feel free to use your own title on any piece you write for this, though!

As always, comments and helpful advice in work posted are encouraged. Please post comments in their respective threads. You do not have to participate in the prompt in order to comment on work presented.

Dragon King 05-12-2010 01:04 AM

Hey, nicely done Loz :)

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